Cosmic DJ & Event Guru

Hailing from Malta, Island of blistering sun and unparalleled good-life, a nation home to a community of veracious revellers with a taste for fun culture second to none. One of the founders responsible for this social landscape is Duncan F. An architect so to speak, whose work was the pediment of what today stands as an institution.

“The rhythm of our life is truly felt in the space that lies between the music we love and the people around us”

Over the years, Duncan F travelled, played and performed in over 20 cities with many subculture music legends. He is now settled in Malta, his current ongoing artistic stimulation is generated by Guru.Events, his events management company, The Bubble, a transformational music and arts festival here on the Maltese Islands, some very magical festival performances going by the name of Duncan Elf and a few inclusive gatherings throughout the year.

Live Interview

Main Upcoming Events & Gigs

June 23
FLOW Boat Party
Aboard The Kyumm, Malta
Aug 04
Duncan's Birthday
Aboard The Spirit of Malta
Oct 27
Halloween in the City
TBA, New York